Downer : VW and Emission Burns / Upper : Goulburn NSW Gets Green

Downer : VW and Emission Burns / Upper : Goulburn NSW Gets Green

Downer :  VW and Emission Burns

You would wonder why VW would undermine and threaten their worldwide successful brand – particularly when in recent years they have been very successful with both Audi and Golf in Australia.

So the sooner VW finds out what has been going on you would think the better ?

As we already are heavily challenged on what to do about climate change, the transport industry was at least one that seemed to be doing something about vehicle emissions.  Motor transport being such a huge part of the Western world and now how many Asians and Africans are buying cars and trucks as fast as they can.

The even worse news may be that it is industry wide and that is why VW has been doing it.  To be just like everybody else.   Check out that it includes Audi software.

What we Know from an ABC report  sheds some light on the topic.  The ACCC are going to investigate.

In the meantime, buying a new car ?  Check out VW’s buy list and see if you would be covered to get all the information you now need !

Upper:  Goulburn NSW Gets Green

It may not be perfect yet in supporting all electric vehicles, but Goulburn now has an electric car battery recharging station.  Perfectly suited out of Sydney towards Canberra or Melbourne and so is a good step in the right direction.  Smart regional centres who start looking to the future and what it will mean to have people in their town whilst they undertake the recharging.   And, community effort is live and well. Two of the organisers, Peter Fraser and Alex Ferrara, advocated the recharging station and are part of the Goulburn Connects – Sustainability Festival – the 3rd one being held this November.  Stay posted.

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