Good on one of our new Davids – Yvonne D’Arcy hero and heroine

Good on one of our new Davids – Yvonne D’Arcy hero and heroine

Congratulation to the perseverance and dedication of Yvonne D’Arcy and her team in the David and Goliath challenge for the rights of people over profits.  Of course companies do dedicate much time and resources to research and development on the basis of one day making profits and a good business.  Research must be supported, but not at costs which are not acceptable to the community, and the people directly affected, in this case via their genes.

We share the view that genes belong to humans – that life should not be patented, at least not until we know far more than we know now.

So great news of the successful High Court challenge and win over the US-based biotech company Myriad Genetics and its patent of the BRCA1 gene linked to breast and ovarian cancer.

Darcy’s lawyers successfully argued that genetic material is a product of nature, even where isolated from the body, and is therefore unpatentable.

So good on you Yvonne, we salute you.  And let’s hope many countries follow what is a great decision in Australia.

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