It’s a Funny World when it comes to Food

It’s a Funny World when it comes to Food

It’s a tough world for food producers.  As consumers we want the best quality, best price and preferably no nasty toxins going in to our precious bodies or environment.

At the same time we love to have all the magnificent choices we have, especially for fresh fruit and vegetables, all year round as if the seasons they grow in mean nothing.  This means storage requirements, it means farmers have to decide which varieties suit storage (and transport) year round.  It also means seeking solutions to what else they can do to add life and retain quality in the produce.

For example, we want our apples shiny and bright red or green – and to be constantly in the shops –   even though their season can be quite short in growing and harvest.  Year round consumption demands means, traditional and organic, farmers and the suppliers, implement systems to meet this demand.

Check out a good program this week on Landline, particularly looking at apples and pears and the latest developments in storage.

The same Program includes a look at Queensland farmers moving to Tasmania for grass fed cattle and some discussions with Trade Minister Andrew Robb and the just agreed TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership).

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