Welcome to the new Eco Blog

Welcome to the new Eco Blog


Hello to all our old and new travellers in the eco world.  At last we have republished our website eco.com.au and hope you will enjoy the new features and all the discussions we plan.

This last week in Australia has been dominated by what really has become virtually a new Federal government.  Malcolm Turnbull replaced Tony Abbott and in so doing has made some significant changes to the Ministers and portfolios.  The general mood is one of relief and optimism which we share.  So great to hear a professional team who can speak to the media and the Australian audiences with respect.  We look forward to seeing what happens to policies and programs over the coming months.  And at last a welcome and overdue what will surely be a well fought election based on ideas and policies which do meet the challenges and opportunities for Australia in coming years.  Greg Hunt remains Minister for the Environment and with the movement of Water to the Nationals and Agriculture will be very interesting to watch and to monitor.  We may need to support some action and policy input.   It will be one of our major discussion points over the next 12 months both here on this blog for the impact generally and specifically on property and real estate assets and transactions on the ecoproperty.com blog if you would like to follow it there.


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