Where will the jobs be ? They are available Dear Leaders

Where will the jobs be ? They are available Dear Leaders

Great article by Lucy Carter at the ABC yesterday about where our ‘new’ economy can head. We need leadership and leadership now to maximise the opportunities that are everywhere as the world seeks more sustainable solutions to energy and food demands.

If Australia’s renewable energy target was changed to 50 per cent by 2030, 28,000 jobs would be created, according to a report released today by the Climate Council.
Key points:

Report says people in coal industry jobs could be retrained
There are opportunities for renewable energy across Australia
Clean Energy Council says policy settings must be right to ensure jobs
Political support was “essential” to ensure growth in industry

CEO Amanda McKenzie said the report looked at economic modelling and compared Australia’s current trajectory of 34 per cent renewable energy by 2030, to a future where 50 per cent of the nation’s energy came from renewable sources… read more here

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