Will a solar farm boost investment in Queensland

Will a solar farm boost investment in Queensland

solar farm 160222 The $400m Clare solar farm project located on 340ha of farmland south of Townsville will create 200 construction jobs and power up to 65,000 homes when full operational. For Australia to meet its emissions reduction targets by 2030, large scale utilise projects like this are going to be needed and relatively quickly.  So Origin Energy MD predicts projects like these are needed and investors will follow, especially with the Queensland Labor Government in full support.   Good diversification away from cane growing, and regardless the Government has a requirement of rehabilitation of land after the 30 year life span of the solar farm.  Keep up to date with the progress with the company behind the project FRV and their fact sheets on the project.  Whilst only 5 jobs are needed once operational, nevertheless Australia’s more to renewable energy and the future of world energy systems can only be advantageous.

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